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"Dr. Perryman and Roseman University Orthodontics is an AWESOME place to get braces! My orthodontic resident was Dr. Perryman and I made a friend on the very first appointment. He and I would chat about soccer, school, iPhones and iPads, and if I was getting one. We also talked about what I wanted to pursue when I go to college…maybe an orthodontist? He truly cared about me as his patient. 

My Mom would have to drag me out of the clinic because I didn’t want my appointments to end. It was always so much fun even though I was getting adjustments on my braces.
Even though I have completed my treatment, I’ve kept in touch with Dr. Perryman and I get to see him from time to time. Thank you, Dr. Perryman and the Roseman University Orthodontics for giving me an awesome smile, and a great experience."

-- Jake, Bishop Gorman High School Student

"I like Roseman University’s Orthodontic Clinic because the doctors really care about their patients. They are really nice and are always open to talk about my teeth and how my treatment is going. They use a lot of cool technology that helps them show me how my braces are helping me."

-- Leili, Del Webb Middle School Student

"You are never too old to improve the appearance of your smile. Roseman’s Orthodontic Clinic provided me with a beautiful smile at a fraction of the cost. The Residents were attentive, and made sure I was comfortable with the services provided.

As a higher education admissions professional, it is important that I speak publically and present to both small and large groups.  I no longer worry about flaws in my smile which gives me the self-confidence I need to stay poised and knowledgeable. When someone tells me I have a great smile, I say it’s all thanks to Roseman’s Orthodontic Clinic!"

-- LaToya, University Admissions Specialist

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